Umfassende Motor Insurance

Get all the insurance coverage that you’ll ever need for your vehicle in a single policy together with superior advantages.


Full Replacement

If your new model car is stolen or suffers total loss during the first year of your policy, Anadolu Motor Insurance will buy the same vehicle or pay you an amount equal to its current value at your option


Anadolu Assistance

Personal accident policies also offer you privilaged assistance packages that will cover all of your needs, even for your home or your car.

7x24 Anadolu Assistance “Car Assistance”
  • Towing and salvage of your vehicle
  • Auto locksmith
  • Tire change
  • Stay over, continue traveling or return to place of residence,
  • Car rental services to continue your travel
  • Vehicle storage and safekeeping
  • Professional driver
  • Spare parts services
  • Information and organization services


7x24 Anadolu Assistance “Residential Assistance”
  • Plumbing, electrical and glass breakdown and repair
  • Locksmith services
  • Doctor, nurse and ambulance services
  • Home securty
  • Information and organization services
  • Relay of urgent messages
  • Professional residential services organization


7x24 Anadolu Assistance “Personal Assistance”
  • Doctor and ambulance services
  • Funeral transport
  • Medical consultancy
  • Legal consultancy
  • Information and organization services
7*24 Anadolu Assistance and Loss Operations Line: 0850 724 0850

Anadolu Insurance Company's “Anadolu Assistance and Loss Operations Line” is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week on 0850 724 0850 by fixed and mobile telephone without having to dial an area code from anywhere in Turkey. Our Anadolu Assistance and Loss Operations Center is at your service round the clock to take care of your Anadolu Assistance Motor Insurance operations, accept damage reports and provide information about the status of reported claims.


A nationwide network of “Contracted Service Stations”


In the event of an accident, your vehicle will be taken immediately by yourself or by Anadolu Service to a contracted service station of your choice, after which you may pick up your repaired vehicle without having to pay anything at all once you’ve presented the required documents.



“Anadolu Minor Repair Service ” provides coverage to repair minor damages that may occur during your policy is valid and without requested any payment. Damages covered by Anadolu Minor Repair Serviceare repaired using American-origin know-how, equipment and materials at contracted Auto King Service Stations with special repair techniques protecting your vehicle’s originality.

You can benefit from Anadolu Minor Repair Service without having any protocol, record or report about the damage. Also your existing no-claims bonus will not be affected if you benefit from this service.


The services provided under Anadolu Minor Repair Service are these:


  • Correction of hood dents without painting (up to 5 cms diameter)
  • Correction of hood dents with painting (up to 10 cms diameter)
  • Painting repairs (bumper scrapes, key scratches, door strikes)
  • Upholstery repairs (burns, tears, scratches in leather, piled, woven or plastic upholstery)
  • Windshield repairs (breakage of any kind fractures up to 10 cms in length)
  • Plastic bumper repairs (dents, rips, breakage, missing parts)


No deduction for increased value

No deductions are made from compensation payments to cover the enhanced value of your vehicle when a damaged part is replaced with a new one.


Continued coverage limit

After a claim, your policy remains in force at the pre-claim sum insured and no extra premium is charged.


No-claims bonus

Every year that passes without any claim increases the grade of your no-claims bonus. In claims involving broken glass during the policy period, one claim which is repaired by a contracted glass service station will have no effect on your no-claims bonus.

You can also buy an extra cover that will increase your no-claims bonus even if there is a claim.

Complete protection against inflation

Increases in the value of your vehicle due to inflation during the policy period are automatically reflected in your policy and in the event of a claim compensation is adjusted by the posted rate of inflation.


Coverage for driver, passengers and those outside the vehicle

In addition to yourself and those inside your vehicle, coverage is also provided for any losses that your vehicle may cause to others.


Coverage for personal and valuable properties in the vehicle

Your policy provides coverage for personal properties in the vehicle (other than jewelry, money, mobile phones and portable computers etc.).

Your professional equipments also qualified for this personal property coverage when your personal property is stolen causing damage to your vehicle.


Coverage for earthquakes, floods, strikes, lockouts, public disorders, and terrorism


Legal Defense


Your policy covers all your legal defence expenses.

Accidental disability

As a result of an accident covered by the policy, if the insured is disabled immediately or within two years, a proportion of the amount stated on the policy is paid according to general conditions.

Medical treatment


If the insured is hurt as a result of an accident covered by the policy, all medical bills are paid within the limit stated on the policy.

Sports injuries, earthquake, terrorism, flood can also be covered with additional charges. 

VAT refunds



When compensation is paid on invoiced damages to corporate entities, VAT is also paid.


Coverage: In losses that have been caused to others, payment is made for the amount exceeding the limit covered by the traffic policy.



“Auto breakdown insurance covers the replacement and repair of mechanic and electronic auto parts due to sudden stop or loss of function because of a breakdown. This coverage is valid in Turkey and is limited to general conditions of machine breakdown and policy special conditions. The following parts are excluded:


  • Auto parts not covered by the car manifacturer
  • Windshield plastics, lamps, seatbelt and connections, the battery, clutch disc, brake lining, Wheel rim

This policy can be issued for vehicles under five years with regular check outs. The comprehensıve motor ınsurance must also be issued by our company.


According to the Motorway Traffic Code, Nr. 2918, Motor Third Party Liability (trafic) Insurance is compulsory for all vehicle owners. This policy covers vehicle owner’s legal liability for all bodily damages to third persons and financial damages to other vehicles.

Amounts covered and application principles are determined by the Treasury Department and published in official gazette. These are compulsory for all insurance companies.

Anadolu Sigorta has two extended products that contain motor third party liability cover:

  • Maksimum Traffic insurance
  • Kamu Maksimum Traffic insurance

When travelling abroad, if the country you are visiting is in the Green Card System, you should buy a Green Card policy before leaving Turkey. This is an international extension of motor third party liability insurance applicable in 45 countries.

If the vehicle is used for passenger transportation, there are two more compulsory insurance policies:

  • Compulsory Motorways Third Part Liability policy for Passenger Transportation
  • Compulsory Motorways Seat Personal Accident policy for Passenger Transportation